Nasheed: Yameen’s work is what is most threatening to Maldivian independence

Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed speaks at a rally of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). (Sun File Photo)

MDP’s Leader, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has stated that the work carried out by opposition leader, former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom is what is the most threatening to the independence and sovereignty of Maldives.

Speaking at a campaign event held at Lh. Kurendhoo tonight for the by-election of Kurendhoo Council President, Nasheed strongly criticized his opponent Yameen and stressed on the risks of the ‘India Out’ campaign spearheaded by Yameen.

“What Yameen is doing, by calling ‘India Out’ is something very dangerous. Very dangerous. No one else is carrying out a work that is more dangerous to our country’s independence,” he had said.

Nasheed said that ‘India Out’ campaign was initiated by Yameen for the purpose of achieving a personal gain. He added that the campaign has created problems between Maldives and other major countries.

“Creating hatred. Citizens of those countries, governments and leaders of those countries feel heavy-hearted towards us. The powerlessness we would experience should a foreign country not looking at Maldives in an approving gaze is not a fact anyone with knowledge of the Maldivian history can deny,” he had said.

Noting that Maldives had gained independence over years ago with assistance from neighboring countries, Nasheed said that Yameen would be well aware of this fact.

“The work carried out by Yameen, who is well aware of this, is steering Maldives towards a ditch. In desire of presidency. In hopes of presidency,” he had said.

Repeating that Yameen is carrying out a dangerous work – Nasheed said that Maldives has been many such leaders, whereas the history tells how Maldivians have treated such leaders.

During his speech, Nasheed also addressed PPM members. In this regard, he said that supporting Yameen is one thing, however, advised them and other Maldivian citizens that taking part in acts that danger Maldives was not a smart move.

Nasheed is amongst one of the main critiques of the ‘India Out’ campaign carried out by the opposition coalition, under the guidance of their leader Yameen.

In this regard, he submitted the issue negative impacts of the ‘India Out’ campaign and threats it poses to national security to the Parliament’s Committee on National Security (214 Committee) for investigation.