Taxi centers warn Transport Ministry: Will increase fare after 5 days

Taxi captured driving on Majeedhee Magu in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Taxi centres operating in the greater Male’ region has collectively made the decision to increase taxi fares after holding discussions.

In the discussions, 14 taxi centres operating in Male’ area participated.

During the meeting, it was decided to increase prices due to the hikes in the price of fuel and other goods as well. This decision was made unanimously, with all voting in favour.

 Additionally, the new rates passed in the meeting are to be submitted to the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation within two days.

Furthermore, it was passed that even if the Transport Ministry does not make any changes, from March 10 onwards, they will be charging the new rates.

New rates passed by taxi centres:

-         Within Male’ City: MVR 30

-         Within Hulhumale’ Phase 1: MVR 25

-         Within Hulhumale’ Phase 2: MVR 25

-         Male’-Hulhumale’ / Hulhumale’-Male’: MVR 100

-         Male’-Hulhule / Hulhule-Male’: MVR 80

-         Hulhumale’-Hulhule / Hulhule’-Hulhumale’: MVR 80

-         Hulhumale’ Phase 2-Male’/Male’-Hulhumale’ Phase 2: MVR 120

-         Hulhumale Phase 1-Hulhumale Phase 2: MVR 40

-         Male’-Seaplane terminal: MVR 100

-         Hulhumale’-Seaplane terminal: MVR 100

-         Hulhumale Phase 2-Seaplane terminal: MVR 120

In addition to this, it was also decided that a further MVR 5 will be charged for any trips made from 12:00 am to 06:00, and MVR 250 per hour to be charged for hired vehicles.


Taxi drivers have been issuing concerns about over-controlled fares due to the increasing fuel prices. They say that after deducting for maintenances and fuel, there is not much remaining from their earnings.