President Solih announces salary increments for education sector in May

Inside a classroom in Ahmadhiyya International School. (Sun Photo / Ahmed Aiman Ali)

Salary for all the staff working in the education sector will be increased in May, this year, announced President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Addressing the country from the Parliament’s opening session for 2022, the President said that as it being that teachers carry the biggest responsibility of building a nation, it was one of his pledges to grant a good wage for educators.

“The decision would see a 56 per cent rise in the salaries of graduate-level secondary school teachers from MVR 12,628 to MVR 19,740, excluding overtime.”

Additionally, stating that human resource development was at the forefront of the administration's policy for the educational sector, he noted that last year, training and development opportunities were provided to 4,082 teachers, and overseas postgraduate programmes were secured for 20 principals.

Moreover, he highlighted the administration’s single-session school policymaking significant progress last year, with 23 new schools switching to single-session schooling.

“Infrastructure development projects in the education sector saw 117 classrooms and six multi-purpose halls built-in 22 schools. Another 473 classrooms and 27 multi-purpose halls are being built in 55 schools across the country, costing MVR 948 million.”

Referring to the newly inaugurated satellite education this year, President Solih said that students from smaller islands should have the same rights and opportunities as others. He went on to say that “today, parents’ worries and sacrifices to secure a decent education for their children are a thing of the past.”

President Solih also announced that salary increment will also be implemented for healthcare sector workers after research this year.