Dr. Jameel: Yameen will be taking oath as the president next year

Former Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, the first Vice President during former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s administration, has stated that the presidential elections scheduled to be held next year will be succeeded by the former President, PPM’s Leader Yameen.

At an event held last night at Sh. Komandoo as part of PPM’s candidate Moosa Fathuhy Adam’s campaign for the Komandoo parliamentary seat by-election, Dr. Jameel had highly praised Yameen’s administration.

Noting that PPM’s calculations will not be wrong, Dr. Jameel said that the political party has already calculated that its leader, Yameen, will win the upcoming presidential elections.

“After succeeding the presidential elections in 2023, by god’s will, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom will be taking oath as the President of Maldives, on behalf of PPM,” he had said.

Dr. Jameel said that PPM securing the Komandoo parliamentary seat during the by-election is the first step towards achieving this.

Speaking further, Dr. Jameel said that Yameen is the only president who has brought development to the Maldives. He added infrastructure-wise, Maldives developed at a rate never seen before, during Yameen’s administration.

Dr. Jameel went on to state that PPM is not a party that will back down. The advisor of the political party also added that the Party will not back down.

He also said that the whole of Maldives will stand testament to the fact that PPM’s government always knows how to bring development to the country.

“PPM knew how to build bridges in Maldives. PPM knew how to develop major hospitals in Maldives. PPM knew how to develop huge airports in Maldives,” he added.

Dr. Jameel was removed from his post as the Vice President by a Parliament with PPM’s majority. Subsequently, Ahmed Adheeb Abdul Qafoor who was serving as the Tourism Minister, was appointed as the Vice President.

After he was removed from his post, Dr. Jameel had lived in the UK. In February 2018, he joined Jumhoory Party. However, in February 16, 2020, he left Jumhoory Party to rejoin PPM.