Criminal Court: Replied to all letters send by Police regarding Ali Waheed’s case

Former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed arrives at Criminal Court on January 24, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Criminal Court has stated that they have replied to both the letters sent by Maldives Police Service regarding former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed’s case.

Police have previously stated that Ali Waheed has not been arrested as they had not received a court order in English language.

The Police had requested the Criminal Court, via a letter, to issue the court order in English language. An official from the Court confirmed that the letter had been replied to.

However, the official said that no further details can be disclosed due to the nature of the case.

When questioned regarding the matter by Sun, Police Spokesperson confirmed that Criminal Court had replied to the letters regarding Ali Waheed’s case.

The Spokesperson further added that they were completing the additional procedures necessary after receiving the letters. The Spokesperson did not disclose whether the court order in English language had been received.

Ali Waheed was dismissed as Tourism Minister on July 9, 2020, after allegations that he sexually assaulted and harassed multiple female employees at the Tourism Ministry was brought to the attention of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. He was initially asked to voluntarily resign, but was dismissed after he refused.

He has been pressed with seven charges; attempted rape, inflicting a sexual, indecent exposure, sexual assault, attempt to cause sexual assault, and two counts of unlawful sexual contact.

Ali Waheed, had a travel ban order issued against him on July 12, 2020, by the Criminal Court. Following a review, the order was canceled on February 9, 2021, and his passport was released.

Criminal Court had canceled the order and released his passport after listening to the testimony of Ali Waheed’s doctor who was summoned to court to brief the judge regarding his condition, as well as to confirm that he needed to go abroad for medical treatment. The doctor had explained that Ali Waheed’s life may be at risk, if he undergoes surgery in the Maldives.

The Court made the decision to lift the travel ban as he had also submitted a guarantor for his return; State Minister for Youth Assad Ali (Adubarey).

He promptly left for the UK, the same day the Criminal Court canceled a travel ban issued against him in connection to the case.

However, he failed to return to Maldives at the expiration of the four-month period granted by the court for his travel overseas. Subsequently, the hearings in connection to his trial had come to a halt.

Although some hearings were held online initially following this, the Supreme Court had ordered against holding online hearings in the case.

Criminal Court decided to penalize Adubarey who signed as Ali Waheed’s guarantor for his return should he fail to appear before them in 72 hours on November 28, 2021.

Almost two months into Ali Waheed’s failure to appear after this decision – no action has been taken against Adubarey.