December 21, highest number weddings for 2021: Family Court

A file photo from one of the weddings held at the Sinamale Bridge on August 31, 2018. (Sun file photo/Moosa Fayyaz)

Family Court revealed that there were 57 weddings scheduled for Tuesday, December 21, making it the most number of weddings held in a day for 2021. 

Speaking to 'Sun', Registerer at the Family Court Ahmed Nasheed said, "there are 57 weddings scheduled for today (21/12/21), making it the highest number of nuptials in a day for this year."

This was a far contrast to about 10 weddings on an average day, stated the court. 

Meanwhile, there were a total of 11 divorce cases slated for the day as well. 

Unique and beautiful dates are popular among Maldivians for weddings, hence, venues, caterers and other wedding-related businesses are usually tightly booked in advance for such days. 

In 2020 a record number of 66 weddings were held within a day on 20/02/20.