Retake of draw for parking slots postponed to complete administrative matters

Heenaamaage Parking Lot at Majeedhee Magu in Male' city. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The retake of the draw for parking slots has been postponed to complete administrative matters.

Male’ City Council, yesterday, had announced that the retake of the draw for 211 parking slots opened for four-wheeled vehicles in Male’ City, would be held tonight at 21:00pm.

However, via tweet today, the City Council had informed that the retake of the draw has been postponed to January 5.

Speaking regarding the postponement to Sun, Male’ City Council said that the retake of the draw was delayed for the purpose of carrying it out as transparent as possible.

Noting that a large number of individuals have applied for the slots, the City Council said that they are delaying the retake of the draw to do the administrative works pertaining to it to their best capacity. In addition to this, they said that a lot of applicants may not be in Male’ right now as it is the school holidays.

“A lot of administrative matters needs to be handled, right? Putting the names of 900 people to the ballot box. Their names are put to the box by themselves. There will be a lot of similar matters like this. Applicants need to know their numbers too, and that needs be informed earlier,” they had said.

The draw was initially taken on December 5. Back then, the slip numbers in the applications for the slots were used for the draw. Male’ City’s Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh said that this decision was taken as the same ID card number have been used for more than one vehicle.

However, accusations of foreplay and corruption surfaced with the case being submitted to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) as well.

In an interview to Sun, Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu admitted that there were issues with the parking slot draw. He said both the council and ACC had flagged administrative issues, and that ACC did not indicate corruption being a part of it.