Stay order issued on implementation of decision to terminate Hulhumale’ land registry

A street in Hulhumale'. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Civil Court has issued a stay order on implementation of Male’ City Council’s decision to terminate the land registry for Hulhumale’ issued to Housing Development Corporation (HDC), and moving the suburb to their jurisdiction.

In the stay order issued today, Civil Court said that as a case have been filed with them by HDC, to halt enforcing City Council’s decision until the trial is complete.

On this note, the Court has instructed all government authorities to refrain from enforcing City Council’s decision. The order also instructed to refrain from acts that could violate the rights guaranteed to HDC by law, as the registered owner of Hulhumale’ and could disrupt the developmental projects and other operations of HDC at the suburb.

The Court also ordered government authorities and Maldives Police Service to stop any acts which may fall into these categories.

HDC was awarded the reclaimed land as part of Hulhumale’ Phase 2 for the establishment of flats and other development projects by Housing Ministry, when current Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu was the Minister. At that time, Hulhumale’ Phase 1 was already registered to HDC.

The City Council's decision had come amid clashes with HDC over the opposition coalition’s event titled ‘Kotharu Koshi’ - scheduled to be held on last Friday at Hulhumale’ Phase 2. HDC said that any event in Hulhumale’ requires prior written permission from the corporation, and that the opposition had not asked for permission to hold its rally. 

Local Government Authority has also addressed the matter, stating that that Male’ City Council cannot, by law, terminate the land registry for Hulhumale’ and move the suburb to under their jurisdiction.