LGA: Male' City Council cannot terminate Hulhumale’ land registry

Local Government Authority's (LGA) CEO Afshan Latheef. (File Photo/Sun)

Local Government Authority (LGA) has concluded that Male’ City Council cannot, by law, terminate the land registry for Hulhumale’ and move the suburb to under their jurisdiction.

LGA reviewed the case at the request of Housing Development Corporation (HDC), to who Hulhumale’ Phase I and Hulhumale’ Phase II had been registered. 

The City Council passed the decision to cancel the land registry of Hulhumale’ Phase I and Hulhumale’ Phase II issued to HDC, with a majority vote of 12 councilors during a meeting last Wednesday afternoon – in its 30th official general meeting.

In reviewing the case filed by HDC, LGA’s Board in its third emergency meeting for the year concluded that the City Council, by law, cannot take the decision to terminate the land registry. They had also concluded to conduct an inquiry into the matter.

The City Council's decision had come amid clashes with HDC over the opposition coalition’s event titled ‘Kotharu Koshi’ - scheduled to be held in Hulhumale’ Phase II in the upcoming weekend. 

After canceling the land registry, City Council had permitted the opposition coalition to hold the event at Hulhumale’ Phase II. However, the government had stopped the opposition coalition from having the event at the location through police.

HDC was awarded Hulhumale’ by Housing Ministry, when current Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu was the Minister.