Remand of man arrested regarding taxi drug bust extended by 14 days

Drugs seized by police in a counter-narcotics operation in greater Male' area in December, 2021. (Photo/Mohamed Hameed, Commissioner of Police)

The remand of the man arrested in connection to taxi drug bust – has been extended by 14-days.

During the search of a taxi in Male’ City as part of a counter-narcotics operations – Police had seized over 100 kilograms of drugs. The man arrested in connection to the case is Ahmed Mujahidh, Allora, GDh. Hoadedhdhoo.

As the defense had raised questions as to the legality of Mujaahidh’s arrest – the Criminal Court had initially only remanded him in custody for one day. At a hearing held today following the expiration of this period – the Criminal Court decided to extend his remand by an additional 14-days.

Mujaahidh is charged with drug trafficking. Whilst the Police suspects the drug operations were carried out in participation of a number of other people – they have also alleged that an attempt was made to move the drugs from one place to another under his oversight.

At today’s hearing, an intelligence report received informing that Mujaahidh in collaboration a group of other people were going to trafficking drugs into the Maldives was submitted to the Court by the Police.

In addition to this, they stressed that medical documents belonging to Mujaahidh’s child was found in the car – noting that as the documents were recently dated, it is unlikely for someone other than the child’s parents to have them.

As per information received to Sun, Mujahidh is the brother of Arshad Khalid, who was previously arrested as under suspicions of being part of a local drug trafficking ring, and believed by the Police to be the ringleader.

Arshad, who the Police believe to ring leader of a major local drug trafficking ring was released by the Criminal Court after the Supreme Court had ordered his detainment pending outcome of the trial after declaring drug trafficking to be a threat to the national security.

Sun has been informed that following his release – he is currently residing in Dubai.