Heath Ministry-Fenaka signs MoU to digitalize heath sector

Minister of Health Ahmed Naseem (R) and Feneka’s Managing Director Ahmed Saeed signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Fenaka and Health Ministry. (Photo/Health Ministry)

Ministry of Health on Wednesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with state-owned Fenaka Corporation Limited, aiming to digitalize the health sector.

The MoU was signed during a ceremony held at the ministry, where Minister Ahmed Naseem represented the Health Ministy, meanwhile Feneka’s Managing Director Ahmed Saeed signed on behalf of the company.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Naseem said they looked into multiple options for this project but found Fenaka to be most suited and apt for the task. He highlighted Fenaka as one of the government companies with the most efficiant systems in place.

“Moreover, I have spoken to the team there and they are capable people.”

Additionally, the minister stated that through the systems at Fenaka, the MD is able to monitor the work of all institutions under it, and added that they were looking to develop a similar system for the health sector.

Reiterating the significance of such a system for the health sector, Minister Naseem said that it would allow timely access to the work of health centers and hospitals, allowing the whole system to function better.

Addressing the gathering, Managing Director of Fenaka said that contrary to popular belief the company was capable of more than just engine repair work. He added that this MoU was proof of that.

Under the MoU, Feneka’s IT team will conduct an infrastructure audit of the health sector, that would aid in identifying the areas that need strengthening in order to digitalize the sector. The project would also prove to be a stepping stone in connecting the systems and applications currently used in the health sector the National Health Information system.