Cargo ship owner appeals MVR 100M fine for reef damage

Panama-flagged cargo ship Navios Amaryllis wrecked on the reef to the west of K. Rasfari on August 19, 2021.

The owner of Panama-flagged bulk carrier MV Navios Amaryllis - which wrecked on the reef off K. Rasfari back in August – has filed an appeal with the Environment Ministry over the large fine imposed for environmental damage. 

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fined the ship by MVR 100 million, and is also seeking MVR 800 million more as compensation for damage to the reef.   

EPA instructed the ship’s local agent – Antrac Holding Pvt. Ltd. - to pay the fine within 30 days on October 25.   

However, the owner of the ship, unhappy with the fine, has appealed the decision with the Environment Ministry. 

“That is their right under the law. They have exercised this right and lodged an appeal with the ministry,” confirmed State Minister for Environment Ali Solih. 

EPA said the damage is valued at MVR 893 million.  

The law, however, caps fines for environmental damage at MVR 100 million.   

EPA said it therefore decided to settle on an MVR 100 million fine, and is working with the Attorney General’s Office to seek MVR 800 million as compensation through the court.  

The 190-meter-long MV Navious Amaryllis wrecked on the reef to the west of Rasfari on August 19, as it passed through Maldives on its way from India’s Tuticorin Port to South Africa.  

The reef around Rasfari was designated an environmentally protected area on September 27, 1995.