City Council drops off waste in front of WAMCO's gates in ‘misunderstanding’

Male' City Council unloads a truck full of waste in front of WAMCO's gates on September 16, 20201. (Photo/Reader Contribution)

Male’ City Council’s workers dropped off a pile of waste in front of Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO)’s gate on Thursday, an incident council officials say resulted from a misunderstanding. 

A video shared by a Twitter user shows a council truck unloading waste collected from the streets of Male’ City in front of WAMCO office. 

Male’ City Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh said the incident resulted from a “misunderstanding”. 

“This happened due to a misunderstanding. The management of both sides have discussed and resolved this issue, and are collecting the waste,” he said. 

Nareesh said the incident resulted from a “miscommunication” between the truck driver and council members supervising the work.  

He said the waste was later picked up by council workers. 

City council had taken the initiative to clean up the streets of Male’ City after bags of waste were found in some of the streets on Thursday morning. 

Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, who is currently on an official visit to Turkey, has accused WAMCO of failure to manage waste at the Maldivian capital in accordance with the agreement between WAMCO and the council. 

Muizzu said he will not allow for WAMCO to pester the people and the council. 

“I say that the city council will not hesitate to take any action necessary in this,” said Muizzu, in a tweet. 

WAMCO said it will hold a press conference in the afternoon to provide details regarding the incident. 

WAMCO resumed doorstep waste collection services on Wednesday.