Inmate at Hulhumale’ Prison dies

Hulhumale' Hospital. (Sun file photo/Fayaz Moosa)

An inmate serving a three-year sentence at the Hulhumale’ Prison died on Monday, shortly after he was taken to the hospital after suddenly collapsing while sitting in the yard area. 

Maldives Correctional Service identified the inmate as Mohamed Aslam, 40, Janavareege, GDh. Vaadhoo. 

According to Maldives Correctional Service, Aslam was sitting in the prison’s yard when he suddenly collapsed. The incident took place at approximately 06:00 pm. 

He was taken to the Hulhumale’ Hospital. 

Maldives Correctional Service said the hospital examined him and informed the agency of his death at 08:23 pm. 

Aslam had been serving a three-year sentence for a drug-related conviction. 

He was not on medication for a serious illness at the time of his death, said Maldives Correctional Service. 

Maldives Correctional Service said that it informed the Inspector of Correctional Service, Maldives Police Service and Human Rights Commission of Maldives of the incident immediately after he was taken to the hospital. 

Maldives Correctional Service is making funeral arrangements for the deceased inmate in collaboration with his family.