Vilingili back under monitoring after 4 days of respite

G. A. Vilingili harbor. (Photo/MTCC)

GA. Vilingili has been placed back under monitoring by health authorities, just four days after travel restrictions were lifted at the island. 

Health Protection Agency (HPA) sent notice to the Vilingili Council informing of the decision to place the island under monitoring this Sunday. 

Vilingili Council president Vishal Mohamed told Sun the re-imposition of travel restrictions in the island comes after a sample taken from the island came back positive for COVID-19 on Saturday night. 

“The individual in question came to this island of July 28. It has been barely three days. The individual was exhibiting symptoms so went to the flu clinic. The results came last night and it was positive,” he said. 

Vishal said health authorities are engaged in contact tracing in connection to the case, and expect to finish the work by this evening. 

He said the individual does not appear to have made a lot of contacts, and the council hopes the restrictions are lifted as soon as possible.