Fathulla Jameel Building inaugurated, FM operations moved back to the building

Fathulla Jameel Building.

Following the completion of renovations, the Foreign Ministry Building has been inaugurated under the new name ‘Fathulla Jameel Building’.

The building was inaugurated by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih during a special ceremony held this morning. Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid, Chief Justice Ahmed Muthasim Adnan who was a long-serving employee at the Foreign Ministry and family members of Late Fathulla Jameel were present in the ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Shahid highlighted that the building had been renamed as ‘Fathuhulla Jameel Building’ – in honor Late Fathulla Jameel’s long and distinguished service to the nation.

Fathulla Jameel captured speaking at a convening of the UN General Assembly. (Photo/UN)

“This building has been designed based on three sails – an idea of Honorable Uz. Fathulla Jameel. He is an artist; a writer; a poet; a leader, and a teacher,” Minister Shahid has said today while speaking about Late Fathulla Jameel who had served as the Foreign Minister of Maldives for 27 years.

Late Fathulla Jameel was serving as the Permanent Representative of Maldives to the United Nations in New York, when he was appointed as the Foreign Minister on March 14, 1978 by former President Ibrahim Nasir. He went on to serve until 2005, becoming the longest serving Foreign Minister in the Maldives, and one of the longest serving in the world at 27 years of service. Following his resignation in 2005, he remained as a Special Advisor to the President.

Late Fathulla Jameel passed away in 2012 at the age of 69 – in Singapore.