Child neglect cases in Maldives on the rise

Children fly kites in the Usfasgandu area of Male' City on April 23, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The highest number of cases submitted to the Gender Ministry in the month of April involved child neglect cases, the Ministry has stated. 

Gender Ministry published a report today regarding the number and types of cases reported in April. Ministry statistics show that in April, a total of 117 cases were reported and attended by the Ministry. 

The Ministry said that 73 of the cases involved abuse and the highest number of cases were regarding neglect. A total of 25 child neglect cases were reported and attended to by the Ministry. 

The Ministry said that 11 cases of domestic violence display, 10 cases of psychological abuse, nine cases of physical abuse, two cases of bullying from other children and one case of bullying over the internet by other children were received by the Ministry in April. 

A total of 17 cases of behavioral problems of children were reported in April, including 12 cases of bullying, one case of leaving their homes, and one case of refusing to attend school. Seven cases of violating the rights of children were reported, including four of failure to provide a home, three of violating educational rights. 

The Ministry statistics show that 13 cases of family issues were reported, including seven cases involving the raising of children, five cases of a parent not being allowed to meet a child, one case of failure to cover expenditure. 

Gender-based 37 cases of abuse and domestic violence were reported, with 16 cases of verbal and physical abuse also being reported. 13 cases of physical abuse including three cases of sexual abuse, two cases of forced sexual abuse, 1 case of negligence were also reported. 

The Ministry said that 22 cases of neglect towards old age senior citizens, and people with disabilities were reported in April. Eight cases of self-harm were attended to by the Ministry.

Three children were reintegrated back into the family by the Ministry in April while one was taken into the care of the state in April. One individual aged above 18 was released into society with a job opportunity provided. 

There are currently 216 children in the care of the state, by the end of April.