Man dies after motorcycle accident in Male' City

Photo shows a traffic police officer on a street in Male' city. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

An individual has passed away in a motorcycle accident in Male' City tonight. 

Police said that the accident happened after a motorcycle crashed into a hand cart kept aside in the Huvafeny Goalhi of Male' City. 

The accident happened around 22:00 according to police. 

The individual who passed away was sitting on the back of the motorcycle. He was taken to the ADK hospital and died while receiving treatment for his injuries. 

Police said that preliminary information showed that the driver of the motorcycle had fled the scene after the accident. 

The accident is now under investigation. 

The accident happened during the curfew hours in the capital due to COVID-19. It is unclear whether the driver or the deceased had a permit to go outdoors during the curfew hours.