Police recover MVR 18,000 withdrawn from stolen cash card

Cash withdrawn from a stolen cash card recovered by Police. (Photo/Police)

Police have recovered cash withdrawn from the ATM via a stolen cash card. 

The cash card belonged to a man from N. Maafaru and Police received a complaint regarding the theft on May 10. The thief withdrew MVR 20,000 in cash from the N. Kendhikulhudhoo ATM branch, according to the Police complaint. 

Two people aged 26 and 32 were arrested on May 10 in relation to the crime. MVR 1,000 was found on them after a search.

When presented to the court regarding their remand, they were released, according to the Police. 

An operation conducted by the Maafaru Police Station and the Manadhoo Police Station to recover the withdrawn cash discovered MVR 17,000 buried in the uninhabited forest area of Maafaru. 

Police handed over the recovered MVR 18,000 to the owner. 

The theft is still under investigation by the Maafaru Police Station.