President ratifies amendment to anti-human trafficking laws

Expatriate workers in B. Bodufinolhu. It is suspected that the company involved carried out acts of human trafficking. (Photo/Police)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has ratified the amendment to the anti-human trafficking laws of the nation so that any wealth or goods obtained from human trafficking can be seized by the government. 

The bill for the amendments was passed on April 14 by the parliament and detailed what constitutes as human trafficking and what constitutes as child human trafficking as well.

This includes exploitation of children and bringing a child from a foreign nation or sending a child to another nation for the purpose of exploitation. Recruiting children for work is also deemed as child human trafficking under the law. Ordering or instructing such acts also constitute as human trafficking

The conviction of any of these acts allows the government to seize any goods or items or wealth obtained from the illegal business. 

After the President ratified the bill, it has now been inserted into the government gazette and is now implemented in the Maldives.