2 from Nilandhoo transported to Male' for medical care after spearfishing incident

People wait at the front entrance of Indhira Gandhi Memorial (IGMH) on May 14, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Two people who went out to sea for fishing in F. Nilandhoo have been transported to Male' City after their health conditions deteriorated. 

Nilandhoo Council Member Abdul Latheef Mohamed, speaking with Sun, said that the two often went spearfishing with guns. One of them failed to surface after going underwater, and the other person then dived to rescue the first one, according to Abdul Latheef. 

"One of them lost consciousness after diving to a depth more than they should while free diving. The second person then went to rescue the first one. The first one was pretty deep when the second one went in, but couldn't rescue. The second one surfaced after blood started to come out from the nose, mouth and ears," said Abdul Latheef. 

Abdul Latheef said that the first person was rescued after a third person dived underwater and tied a rope before barely making it back.

F. Nilandhoo.

Abdul Latheef said that they called him while at sea and another speedboat was dispatched to rescue them. They were taken to the Nilandhoo Hospital. 

"The entire team of the Nilandhoo hospital worked hard. After which they decided to send them to Male' City. 

Abdul Latheef said that the two were admitted to IGMH after being transported to Male' City and that their conditions were now slowly recovering.