Two patients at Vilingili COVID facility being transferred to Male’

G. A. Atoll Hospital.

Two high-risk patients at the regional COVID-19 medical facility in G. A. Vilingili are being transferred to Male’ City.

There are currently three patients at the COVID-19 facility in Vilingili; two elderly patients from G. A. Dhevvadhoo linked with the Dhevvadhoo cluster and a 20-year-old patient from G. A. Dhaandhoo.

G. A. Atoll Council president Ahmed Fuad told Sun on Saturday that the two patients from Dhevvadhoo – a 79-year-old and a 68-year-old – are scheduled to be transferred to Male’ for further treatment.

Fuad said that the third patient at the facility in Vilingili, the 20-year-old, is in stable condition.

Dhevvadhoo identified its first case on December 24, when a person in home quarantine after travelling from Male’ tested positive. While initial reports suggested the outbreak in Dhevvadhoo may have originated from the patient, HEOC recently stated that they believe it more likely the outbreak had taken place prior to the case.

Cases linked with the Dhevvadhoo cluster have been confirmed in L. Fonadhoo, Hulhumale’, G. A. Vilingili and G. A. Dhevvadhoo.