Sri Lankan commences direct flights between Male', London

SriLankan Airline's dedicated freight aircraft at Velana International Airport on July 30, 2020. (Photo/Maldives Airports Company Limited)

SriLankan Airlines has commenced direct winter operations between the Maldives, and the United Kingdom.  

The Maldives, the world’s leading travel destination, is a popular choice among travelers from the UK. SriLankan Airlines will be holding two flights per week between London, and Male’ City.

The airline is also holding direct flights between Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Male’ City as well. In addition to this, the airline currently conducts cargo flights once every week between Dubai, UAE and Male’ City.

The airline will hold direct flights between Male’ City and London up until April 2021. The airline has assisted in connecting the Maldives with big cities such as Frankfurt and Milan with direct flights. 

Currently, British Airways is also holding one flight per week between Male’ City and the UK.

Tourism statistics for the Maldives currently show that 8,200 tourists from the UK had traveled to the Maldives from July 15 to December 9. In total, 38,285 UK travelers have been recorded traveling to the Maldives in 2020.