Man injured in Thinadhoo fire incident passes away

Firefighters attend to a fire that broke out on board the boat 'Raasthaa', docked in the lagoon of G. Dh. Thinadhoo on November 23, 2020. (Photo/MNDF)

An individual injured in a fire incident on a boat in G. Dh. Thinadhoo has passed away due to injuries sustained. 

The incident happened on November 22 on a boat named “Raasthaa”. A gas cylinder on the boat leaked causing the fire incident which left four injured. 

Out of those injured, a 40-year old local male passed away today. The individual was taken to Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital in Thinadhoo before being moved to IGMH in Male’ City due to the serious nature of his injuries. 

An IGMH media official confirmed to Sun that the individual passed away around 8:35 in the morning. Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital has previously stated that the individual suffered burns to 60 percent of his body. Injuries to others were determined as not that serious.