Police arrest 2 for alleged kidnapping, abuse under pretext of Ruqyah

Children walk along a beach in a Maldivian island.

Police have arrested two individuals for alleged kidnapping, sexual and physical abuse of a family under the pretext of Ruqyah. 

Ruqyah is the practice of treating illnesses and other issues through the holy book of the Quran as prescribed in the religion of Islam. 

Police said that the family of three children and their mother were kidnapped on an island in the North Police division and that the family had suffered sexual and physical abuse at the hands of the perpetrators. 

Two Maldivian males aged 24 and 39 were arrested under a court order in relation to the matter. The 39-year-old was arrested on November 25 while the other man was arrested yesterday.

Police and the Gender Ministry are investigating the case as a serious crime. Police have also advised citizens to remain alert against such crimes and to advise the authorities of any relevant information.