White alert for swell wave surges in in central, southern atolls

Tidal flooding affects G. Dh. Thinadhoo.

Maldives Meteorological Service has issued white alert for islands in central and southern atolls, warning of expected swell wave surges.

The white alert is in effect from 10:10 am to 03:00 pm this Saturday, for islands from K. Atoll to Addu City.

Swell waves surges of three to five feet are expected during high tides.

Maldives Meteorological Service forecasts rain showers to affect central and southern atolls, with gusts of up to 35 miles per hour.

“It is expected to rain in central and northern regions in the afternoon. Torrential rain is expected tonight,” said Maldives Meteorological Service.

Seas are expected to slight.