Over 300 law graduates apply for Bar Council’s training program seeking license

Bar Council Forum on September 9, 2019. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

More than 300 law graduates have applied to join the training program introduced by Bar Council seeking license to practice law.

Legal Profession Act, enacted last year, establishes that law graduates must sit in the bar exams to obtain their legal license. However, the failure to prepare the bar exams rendered hundreds of law graduate unable to practice law, sparking concern from the legal community.

The Parliament recently passed an amendment to exempt current law graduates from having to sit in the bar exams to obtain their legal license, if they join a one-month training program run by the Bar Council. However, those who receive their license through the program are required to sit in the bar exam once it’s prepared.

Applications for the training program closed on Sunday.

The Bar Council has released a tentative list of applicants for the training program, which shows that 314 law graduates have applied for the program.

Bar Council’s training program is focused on five key areas; Maldivian legal system, criminal procedure, civil procedure, professional ethics and drafting.

The training program will be held virtually and will begin on August 23.

The amendment to the Legal Profession Act makes it compulsory for the Bar Council to make arrangements for those who complete the training program to take their oath as lawyers within 21 days.

The concession is available only for law students who have already graduated and are unable to get their license, and future graduates will be required to sit in the bar exams.