Home Minister: Ex-President Yameen refuses to undergo medical tests

Former President Yameen is seen waving after boarding a speedboat of Corrections Services to be taken back to prison after a court hearing in his appeal case on January 28, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Home Minister Imran Abdulla has said that Abdulla Yameen, the former President in prison for money laundering, refuses to do tests advised by doctors. 

Opposition coalition members had met with the Home Minister last Thursday where they requested to move Yameen to house arrest.

Speaking on a TV program last night, Home Minister Imran said that he had personally requested Yameen to undergo the tests advised by doctors, to which Yameen refused. 

“[They requested to move Yameen to house arrest] citing the documents by doctors. That document states that Yameen is to undergo tests. I requested that even today, to do these tests. Former President keeps refusing to do these tests.” Said Imran. 

Imran questioned how action based on the document can be taken without undergoing the tests stated in the document before adding that he had stated to the opposition that he would take action on the document once the medical tests are conducted. 

No reasons were provided as to why Yameen refuses to undergo the tests. 

Minister Imran said that the detention of Yameen had led the authorities to ramp up the services at the prison, something that he was closely monitoring. 

"I am providing assurances that Yameen would not be deprived of any basic rights. That we will treat them in the best possible manner. Better, much better than how they treated us. They are very well aware this." said the Minister. 

Authorities have also begun working to build a swimming track to allow Yameen to exercise, and Home Minister Imran also rejected accusations that Yameen was not permitted to meet with his lawyers. 

Minister Imran said that the failure to make travel arrangements was not something he or the authorities should be responsible for.