Monitoring mechanisms on Naifaru lifted

An aerial shot of Lh. Naifaru. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Hassan)

The authorities have lifted the monitoring mechanisms on Lh. Naifaru.

A notice sent by the Director-General of Public Health to the Naifaru Council yesterday had informed that the island was placed under monitoring mechanisms due to a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Authorities had informed the Council today, that there was no longer a reason to keep the island under monitoring status.

An expatriate who works on a boat named "Mega R" that travels between Male' City and Naifaru tested positive for the virus.

Naifaru Council member Vidhaadh Abdulla said to Sun that the worker was not in home-quarantine but was later placed in quarantine after exhibiting symptoms of the virus. The boat that the individual works on, is currently in Male’ City.

Previous instances of individuals working boats testing positive have been reported. sometimes leading to several islands being placed under monitoring mechanisms.