Lawyers: Safari case victim has no connections with former AG

Anti-rape protest in front of Gender Ministry headquarters on June 29, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Lawyers for the alleged victim of rape on a safari in Hulhumale’ on June 25 have said that the former Attorney General Azima Shakoor had not provided any information regarding the victim.

An unregistered local online news, Mendhuru Online had published a controversial report regarding the events on the safari. The paper originally said that the report was based on the narration of events from the victim. It had later retracted the report and issued a statement yesterday saying that it had been misinformed by the former AG who wished to politicize the matter.

A statement by lawyers representing the victim, Riza, and Co, issued last night read that Azima had no connections with the victim whatsoever and that the information published on the website was untrue. 

The victim is being represented by lawyers Shafeea Riza and Noorbaan Fahmy. The statement called for the removal of the report on Mendhuru Online. 

In a post on her Facebook page yesterday, Azima had also said that she denied the allegations and that she would pursue legal action against the paper. She questioned whether how she provided the information and who she spoke with if she was the one to provide the information. The matter has now been submitted to the police. 

The statement by the law firm for the victim also said that media are not to communicate with the victim unless in the presence of her lawyers, and are to obtain permission before publishing any related news.