Two injured in fire on board speedboat off Guraidhoo

Smoke rises from the speedboat ‘Maalifushi 2’, which caught fire off the coast of Th. Guraidhoo on July 1, 2020. (Photo/MNDF)

A speedboat travelling from COMO Maalifushi, a resort island located in Th. Atoll, to Male’ City caught fire on Wednesday, leaving two people injured.

A police spokesperson said on Wednesday morning the fire took place onboard ‘Maalifushi 2’.

The speedboat was en route to Male’ City, and caught fire off the coast of Th. Guraidhoo, as it neared the island to make a transit stop.

According to the spokesperson, the speedboat had been travelling with six people, two of whom sustained burn injuries in the fire.

The injured are being treated at COMO Maalifushi.

The fire on board the speedboat has been put out through the collaborative efforts of police officers and the resort’s staff.

However, the speedboat was damaged beyond use in the fire, and is sinking.