Parliamentary committee votes to dismiss all CSC members, except Amira

Fathimath Amira, member of Civil Service Commission. (File Photo)

Parliament’s Independent Institutions Committee, on Monday, voted in favor of dismissing all Civil Service Commission members, with the exception of Fathimath Amira.

The committee had initially opened impeachment motions against all CSC members except for Amira, but revised its decision to include all five commission members on June 3, after Velidhoo MP Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeq said he saw no reason to make exceptions between commission members appointed by the previous administration and those appointed by the current administration.

“It has been one and a half year since this government came to power. And the ministers of this government are saying they aren’t receiving cooperation from the Civil Service Commission. Amira was appointed to the Civil Service Commission in December 2018. This government came to power on November 17, 2018. So I do not see any reason to make any exceptions for anyone,” said Shafeeq.

Shafeeq said Amira had provided false information to the committee, and that it could be proven from the minutes of meetings.

The committee received the go-ahead to proceed with the impeachment motion against Amira on June 8, and gave her five days to provide a written response to the move on June 10.

The committee meeting on Monday was chaired by South Galolhu MP Mikhail Ahmed Naseem, who said that Amira has sent a letter to the committee in response to the impeachment motion.

He did not disclose the contents of the letter.

South Henveyru MP Hussain Shaheem presented a motion to take a vote against Amira’s dismissal. The motion was seconded by Gan MP Mohamed Wisam, and passed with a majority vote of five out of nine members present during the meeting.

The committee then proceeded to take a vote on the dismissal of the remaining four members of the commission. They are:

  • Dr. Ali Shameem, president
  • Shaheed Mohamed, vice president
  • Zakariyya Hussain
  • Ibrahim Shaheeq

The vote was seven to nine in favor of dismissing the four members.