Committee votes to initiate no-confidence motion against CSC member Amira

Fathimath Amira, member of Civil Service Commission. (File Photo)

Parliament’s Independent Institutions Committee, on Tuesday, voted in favor of initiating a no-confidence motion to dismiss Fathimath Amira from Civil Service Commission.

The committee took the vote at a meeting on Tuesday night.

At the meeting, Velidhoo MP Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeq raised a motion to have Amira’s name announced at the parliamentary floor in order to initiate a no-confidence motion against her.

Shafeeq said that the law did not prevent the dismissal of a Civil Service Commission member simply because the said member may have been appointed by the government in power.

He said he saw no reason to make exceptions.

“It has been one and a half year since this government came to power. And the ministers of this government are saying they aren’t receiving cooperation from the Civil Service Commission. Amira was appointed to the Civil Service Commission in December 2018. This government came to power on November 17, 2018. So I do not see any reason to make any exceptions for anyone,” said Shafeeq.

Shafeeq said Amira had provided false information to the committee, and that it would be proven from the minutes of meetings.

Shafeeq proposed that the committee revise its earlier decision to initiate no-confidence motions against Civil Service Commission members with the exception of Amira, and to instead initiate no-confidence motions against all five members.

The motion was seconded by Baarah MP Ahmed Abdulla, and passed with the majority vote of six members. Five voted against the motion.

The committee has decided to expedite the no-confidence motions against Civil Service Commission.

While the Independent Institutions Committee has moved to initiate no-confidence motions against Civil Service Commission members, the Human Rights and Gender has initiated no-confidence motions against members of Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM).