EU political party condemns violence inside Maldivian Parliament

MP for Naifaru Ahmed Shiyam. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A European Union’s political party has condemned the alleged assault on an opposition MP inside the parliament on June 2. 

Opposition senior figure and Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam was injured in the fracas that occurred inside the Parliament after the Speaker Mohamed Nasheed announced the MP’s name three times to leave the floor during a session that night. 

MP Shiyam refused to leave, prompting MPs from the governing MDP to forcefully remove the MP. Opposition coalition parties later lodged a police case alleging that the MP was assaulted during the commotion which left him injured.  Opposition PPM has said that the MP suffered a fractured rib due to the altercation.

The European Conservatives and Reformists party in a statement issued said that it “strongly condemned the events that unfolded in the Chamber of the People’s Majlis in the Maldives on the 2nd of June.”

The party said that the brawl that took place in the Parliament put the democracy of the Maldives under threat. 

“The assault took place during a special session of the People’s Majlis on proposed amendments to the constitution. Members of the Progressive Party of the Maldives were subsequently blocked from re-entering the chamber to take part in the debate – leaving only MPs from the ruling party to debate the motion. There are only 9 opposition MPs in the Parliament of 87.” read the statement issued by the ECR.

Photo shows MPs gathered inside the Parliament. Altercations were observed inside the Parliament between party lines on June 2, 2020.

The ECR also noted that the Opposition coalition of parties have boycotted today’s session due to the events of the night. 

“They have done so to send a message that majority rule does not mean they can get away with violence.” read the statement by ECR.

Ending the statement, the ECR called on the Maldivian government to launch a full and transparent investigation into the incident, to ensure democratic processes, good governance, and human rights are respected and protected. 

“We also call on the European Union to make strong representations to the Maldivian government expressing concern about this democratic backsliding.” read the statement.

Opposition parties today, called to charge the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed. PPM alleges that MP Shiyam was deliberately attacked on the orders of Speaker Mohamed Nasheed who is the leader of the governing MDP. Protests against the events of the night have been held in five different islands of the country so far.