Scuffles inside Parliament, one MP removed from premises

Photo shows MPs gathered inside the Parliament. Altercations were observed inside the Parliament between party lines on June 2, 2020.

Fracas inside the Parliament tonight has seen one opposition MP forcefully removed from the session, amidst a wide commotion involving a number of MPs.

The parliamentary session held tonight was regarding passing an amendment proposed to the Constitution to extend terms of incumbent councilors. The amendment was passed later with the vote of 74 MPs.

Opposition PPM's MP Shiyam of Naifaru was removed from the Parliament session by MPs belonging to the governing MDP. The MP had caused a commotion as the session began and the Speaker Mohamed Nasheed announced his name for him to leave the session.

MP Shiyam had been saying that the parliamentary session underway tonight went directly against the Constitution.

MP Shiyam is the deputy leader of PPM.

After the Speaker announced MP Shiyam’s name three times, MPs belonging to MDP forcefully removed the MP from the premises. 

Health authorities in the country had advised that Parliament sessions are to be held with proper social distancing measures. However, the measures were not seen in effect as several MPs, in the heat of the moment, became involved in the altercation.

MP Shiyam was seen with torn attire outside the Parliamentary session premises later on. The MP received minor injuries due to the altercation. 

The altercation involving MP Shiyam is believed to have been submitted to the Police by the opposition politicians. A statement issued just now by PPM read that MP Shiyam had attended the hospital to receive treatment for the injuries and PPM said that the MP as in “serious condition”.

The main opposition party said that some MPs had also heard Speaker Mohamed Nasheed instructing violence during the altercation. According to the statement by PPM, MP Shiyam was raising a point of order after which the altercation occurred.

PPM also called on Police to investigate the matter and condemned the altercation in harsh words.