3 Elderly in Addu City, 1 minor in central Maldives sexually abused

Photo shows a march by citizens against child and sexual abuse in Male' city. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Sexual assault of three elderly women in Addu City and a minor in an island of central Maldives have been reported to Police. 

The case of the minor was reported from an island in the Central Police Division (K, A. A, A. Dh, and V. atolls). Police stated that the incident occurred on May 23, 2020, and involved a minor below 18.

The alleged perpetrator had called to the minor who was inside her residence to come outdoors. The alleged had tried to sexually abuse the minor when she went outdoors. The matter was reported to the Police on May 28. 

No one has been arrested in connection with the case so far which the Police are now investigating.

The case reported in Addu City involved three elderly women who accused the same individual of attempting to sexually abuse them. One of the cases had been reported previously. 

Police have arrested a 30-year old local male in connection with the cases.

The first case was reported on the morning of May 28 and involved a 64-year old victim. The next two cases involved victims aged 65 and 66 who also accuse the same individual of attempting to sexually abuse them on the same day as the first case.

A man was arrested earlier this week for rape in L. Gan while a sexual assault case of a Police officer in an isolation facility was also reported this week. In total, six cases of sexual crimes have been reported so far this week.