MP withdraws motion to free former President Yameen

Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir is seen in this photo as he waves to reporters. MP Jabir requested on November 30, 2019, to meet the former President Abdulla Yameen who was jailed for money laundering.

MP for Kaashidhoo and leader of DRP, Abdulla Jabir has withdrawn a motion calling to free the former President Abdulla Yameen who is in prison for money laundering charges related to the MMPRC scandal.

The reason for the recall was that it would not be the most appropriate manner to review the issue in a state where the doctrine of separation of powers exist, since the matter is still on appeal at the High Court. However, MP Jabir did call for the appeal process to be sped up. 

MP Jabir called to free former President Yameen due to the economic situation of COVID-19 faced by the country as well as the standstill situation of the tourism industry due to the virus that could possibly impoverish the citizens of the country.

The motion also called for discussions between the former President and his successor President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih regarding the situation. MP Jabir called on the President to obtain any assistance available from the former President during this situation, which is something the public wished for extremely.

MP Jabir stated that the close relations with Saudi Arabia and China during the former President’s administration meant that President Yameen could possibly obtain the assistance of the two countries. The motion called to segregate political indifferences and work in the national spirit.

President Yameen was found guilty of money laundering charges in the MMPRC scandal that totaled MVR 3.2 billion. He was sentenced to five years in prison while the trial was described as a sham by President Yameen’s supporters.