Commissioner welcomes discussions regarding stun guns in Maldives

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed at a National Emergency Operations Center press briefing on April 15, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed has welcomed the idea of discussions regarding arming the Police with stun guns. 

The Commissioner stated that the concerns of the public on the matter were acceptable after public outcry was shared on social media over the move.

Speaking in an interview on Raajje TV today, Commissioner Hameed said that the public had the right to question the use of any equipment by the Police regarding how it is used. 

“How it is used will be questioned, whether they will be held legally accountable will also be.” Said the Commissioner.

He added that the stun guns were still being trialed. The policy, procedure, and training for the equipment were now prepared, said the Commissioner. 

“Police have not begun to use this in any situation. Officers will not be carrying the equipment when they are on the street.” Said the Commissioner.

A decision on the use of the stun guns will be made by the government after considering the view of the public. 

The Commissioner also stated his firm belief that the equipment used by Police in its work also needed to adapt to the changes of the criminal world.