Nearly 1,000 scam cases; losses amount to MVR 23M

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed speaks at 'Home Sector Press Conference' on November 16, 2022. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Total 998 scam cases have been lodged with the police so far this year, states Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed.

Hameed made the comment at the opening of the Multi-Agency Workshop on Combatting Scam in the Maldives on Monday morning.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Hameed stressed the importance of the workshop in light of the current criminal climate in Maldives.

“As you know, scam cases are of deep concern to the people, and is resulting in massive losses to them. 998 scam cases have been lodged so far this year, with losses amounting to around MVR 23 million,” he said.

The economic and individual losses are beyond estimation, he said.

Hameed said the authorities are working to stop such scams to the best of their abilities.

“However, there are many multi-agency work that must be carried out. The multi-agency workshop that begins today is a good step in this direction,” he said.

The workshop is part of the effort to fulfil the goals on the police strategic action plan, which includes counter scam and fraud measures.

Hameed said scam and fraud cases are a priority area for the police.

According to Hameed, police are compiling new investigative procedures and training officers to expedite investigations into such cases.