Two arrested for travel ban violation

The domestic airport in Sh. Funadhoo. (Photo/MTCC)

Two people have been arrested for traveling without the required permits.

The individuals attempted to depart from the island of Sh. Funadhoo on a dinghy, without the required approval.

Those arrested are both Maldivian males aged 37 and 27. The men had traveled from the island and nearly reached the island of Sh. Lhaimagu. Police stated that the men did not reach the island and that the dinghy they had traveled on was later discovered in the lagoon of Funadhoo around 00:45 last night.

Police are further investigating the matter.

Non-essential travel in the Maldives was banned in April upon the order of the Director-General of Public Health. The orders were imposed due to the spread of COVID-19 in the Maldives.