Police confirm fire in Mahibadhoo was deliberate

Fire at the A. Dh. Mahibadhoo Harbor on April 15, 2020.

Maldives Police Service has just announced that the fire that occured in A.Dh. Mahibadhoo was a deliberate act.

In a press conference underway right now, Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed stated in addition to the Mahibadhoo fire, some other recent incidents including a fire that damaged a police speedboat in L. Atoll was also a deliberate act.

“From our investigation so far, the fire that occurred in A. Dh. Mahibadhoo harbor that burned down five speedboats and two dinghies is a deliberate act.” said the Commissioner.

The Commissioner stated that the possibility that the act was an act of terrorism was real. A special team of officers from the Crime Investigative Command had traveled to Mahibadhoo. The findings of the investigation would be revealed when it is completed, said the Commissioner.

The fire was reported to Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) at approximately 5:45 am this Wednesday.

A total of seven vessels burned down in the fire. They include; a speedboat which belongs to the police, a speedboat which belongs to the council, a sea ambulance, two speedboats owned by private company HMH, and two dinghy boats which belong to private citizens.

MNDF contained the fire at approximately 8:05 am.