Maldivian national in Malaysia tests positive for COVID-19

A man wears a face masks as he walks out from the Sri Petaling Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Monday, March 16, 2020. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)

The Malaysian Health Ministry, on Thursday, announced a Maldivian national in Malaysia had tested positive for COVID-19.

The Health Ministry has announced that 416 foreign nationals had tested positive for the virus in Malaysia. The information released reveals a Maldivian national to be among them.

A spokesperson from Foreign Ministry told Sun that it was verifying the information through the Maldivian embassy in Malaysia.

Malaysia hosts a sizable population of Maldivian nationals, most of whom are students.

4,228 have tested positive for the virus in Malaysia, while 67 have died from complications.

The national airlines, Maldivian, in collaboration with the Maldivian government, has begun holding repatriation flights to rescue Maldivian nationals in the country.