Baggage allowance for Malay flight is 20 kilos, excess baggage will not be accommodated

Passengers disembark a Maldivian flight. (File Photo/Sun/Fareeha Abdulla)

The national airline, Maldivian, on Tuesday, announced the baggage allowance for its flight to evacuate Maldivian nationals in Malaysia is 20 kilos.

The airline said it cannot accommodate any baggage which exceeds beyond the 20 kilos.

“Regret to inform that provisions for ANY excess baggage (paid or otherwise) will not be accommodated,” the airline announced in a tweet this afternoon.

Maldivian is scheduled to hold its repatriation flight from Malaysia on Wednesday. It marks the third repatriation flight to be held by the airline, the previous of which were to evacuate Maldivian nationals stranded in Sri Lanka and India.

Bookings for the Malay flight had been opened at 8 pm on Monday.

Customers were initially instructed to book their tickets online, but following continuous attacks on the online booking system by hackers and the overwhelming number of customers trying to access the system, the airline later instructed its customers to call the airline to book tickets.

Many had stayed awake through the night in the desperate attempt to book tickets. And the airline, at 6:30 am this Tuesday, announced that the flight was now fully booked.

The announcement had been met with frustration by many customers.

Maldivian had sold tickets for its India flight for USD 260, tickets for its Sri Lanka flight for USD 300, and tickets for its Malay flight for USD 330.

The airline said it would announce additional flight opportunities as soon as they became available.

The airline will be carrying care packages from families to their loved ones in Malaysia when it makes the trip from Maldivian to Malaysia for the repatriation.