First boat of Maldives State Shipping to arrive at the end of month

Photo shows a container boat unloading shipments. (Sun File Photo)

State Trading Organization (STO) has informed that the first boat of Maldives State Shipping (MSS) would arrive in the Maldives on March 30.

The President also announced the news in a press conference earlier today. MSS is a subsidiary company run under STO.

Abdul Wahid, General Manager of STO’s fuel, logistics and construction stated to the “Sun” that the boat has the capacity for 700 containers.

“The boat will arrive around March 30. There may be a difference of two or three days. The first boat will have a capacity of 700 containers. The public will be provided the opportunity to bring cargo through the shipping line.” Said Wahid.

STO has previously stated that the boats of the shipping line will travel twice a month in the beginning.

President Solih today said that the Maldives was too dependent on the tourism industry and that investment into other industries was needed to change this. Investing in this shipping line would be an important step for this and would renew the proud history of the country once again.

STO is the biggest importer of goods into the country and the introduction of the shipping line would allow other companies to also import goods more conveniently.