Manta Air halts flights to Kooddoo, announces changes to operations

The second plane of Manta Air that arrived in the Maldives on 16 December 2018. (Photo/Manta Air)

Local airline Manta Air has halted its operations to G.A. Kooddoo airport in addition to reducing its operations to other locations across the country.

In a statement released, the airline announced temporary changes to its flight schedule due to the shift in demand to its operations amid the Covid-19 situation in the country. Manata Air stated that demand for domestic travel had decreased significantly and had resulted in an increase in the cancellation of flights as well. The changes mean that operations to the Kooddoo Airport would be halted temporarily.

“After considering the financial impact to the airline from the current situation, a temporary halt to the operations to Kooddoo from March 29, and an immediate reduction in the frequency to Dh. Atoll and Dharavandhoo airport would be implemented.” read a statement by the airline.

The latest information regarding its operations would be available from the airline’s website and arrangements for ticket cancellations and changes have also been made, according to the airline.

The current situation with the virus in the country has had a negative impact on businesses and the tourism industry as well. Hundreds of thousands of bookings have been canceled and the country has also initiated travel restrictions that affect some of the biggest tourism markets to the country. These markets include Italy and China, the two biggest tourism markets in the Maldives. 13 cases of the virus, all foreigners, have been confirmed in the Maldives.