Covid-19 infected tourist's departure under investigation

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed is seen speaking at a news conference on February 6, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed has stated that how a tourist infected with the Covid-19 disease managed to depart from the Maldives will be investigated. The tourist only tested positive for the disease after arriving back in the home country.

The minister stated that it was very likely that the person was infected before departing from the Maldives and contact tracing was underway. How the person managed to leave the country will also be investigated.

“Looking at the departure process, an investigation by the authorities to determine how the person departed is underway, if the person had departed infected.” said the Minister.

He added that people can only depart the country after obtaining clearances from all agencies and the last word will be from health experts. He also advised those with symptoms to report to the authorities as soon as possible.

“If this responsibility is not undertaken, another innocent person, or someone who does not have to be exposed, gets exposed, it is a huge wrongdoing. We will not take any chances” said the Minister.