Embassy urges locals in Malaysia to remain alert over virus

Photo shows the capital Kuala Lampur of Malaysia. Many Maldivians frequently visit the country. It is also a country resided by many Maldivians for educational purposes.

The Maldivian Embassy in Malaysia has advised Maldivians living in the country to remain alert due to the fast-spreading Covid-19 disease in the country.

In a statement issued, the Embassy requested those with symptoms or suspected infections of the disease to contact the designated centers and requested for a high level of personal hygiene to be maintained. The embassy also requested not to visit meat markets, and to thoroughly cook or boil food items as well as to refrain from visiting health centers if not necessary.

The embassy also requested Maldivians to register at the embassy and to contact the embassy if assistance is required.

Malaysia, a country frequently visited by Maldivians has had 93 infected cases of the disease. Many Maldivians also live in the country for different purposes such as education.