Prosecution says legal notice showed allegations against Yameen

Former Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom transported to Male' City for questioning by Maldives Police Service on February 27, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

State prosecutors in the case against former president Abdulla Yameen have stated that the accusations by police against Yameen when he was brought in for questioning was evident from the legal notice issued to him during the questioning.

This was in response to the defense statements saying that the allegations were not brought forward during the investigation and that the former president was not questioned regarding the allegations, in the last High Court hearing in the case, earlier this week.

The former president’s defense lawyer Abdulla Shiyaaz said that his client was questioned about providing wrongful information to the investigation and not of money laundering. This was one of the 75 points taken by the defense in the appeal case.

Today, the state prosecution responded to the defense statements.

Prosecutor Aishath Mohamed said that the legal notice issued by the police to the former president made it clear that he was suspected of money laundering. A recording of the legal notice being issued to Yameen was played at the hearing today, upon the request of the state.

The recording showed that the former president was notified that he was accused of misleading the investigation by providing wrongful information in the investigation that alleges that he laundered the money after depositing the money from the MMPRC account to a private account of his in the Islamic Bank.

The defense retorted that the prosecution was attempting to twist the words of the defense and said that it was the argument of the defense that Yameen was charged with a crime he was not questioned about in the investigation.

No matter what the legal notice had included, Yameen was not questioned regarding money laundering or any other charges in the case briefing.

Judge Mazeed enquired whether the point had been presented to the lower court by the defense, to which the defense lawyer Ali Shah said that the defense had done so.

The judge then enquired whether the lower court had asked to view the video recording that was played today. Prosecutor Aishath Mohamed stated that the defense had taken the point in the summary statements.

The judge in the lower court had not allowed the prosecution to address the matter and had informed that the point would be considered, according to Prosecutor Aishath Mohamed.