New audio reveals minister Nahula berating minister Waheed

Combined photo shows Transport Minister Aishath Nahula (L) and Tourism Minister Ali Waheed (R). (Sun File Photo)

New audio of a phone call purportedly between transport minister Aishath Nahula and tourism minister Ali Waheed has been leaked.

The audio reveals minister Nahula expressing displeasure at the transport minister for comments made in a previous phone call which was also leaked online via Twitter. The voice seemingly belonging to minister Ali Waheed is heard speaking with someone resembling the voice of the minister’s close friend Assad Ali, who is the state minister of the youth ministry.

Minister Ali Waheed has repeatedly denied the validity of the audios he claims are edited and has seen him receive scathing criticism from the public. 

The newly leaked audio shows the transport minister Aishath Nahula expressing displeasure over the previous phone call and comments of the tourism minister. She describes the ordeal as a “disgusting” act, to which the tourism minister is heard responding that he had done no such thing.

“How can I believe that it is not a vile act? when you called me, put me on speaker, and talked in front of your friends. I trust the minister (Ali Waheed) very much.” the voice seemingly of minister Nahula is heard in the audio saying.

However, tourism minister Ali Waheed is heard repeatedly denying the ordeal and claiming that it had been edited, to which minister Nahula is heard responding that the call was between the two and questions minister Ali Waheed over how the such an edit can be brought. She is also heard saying that no one else was aware of the phone call.

From the newly leaked audio, Minister Nahula is heard most disappointed with the betrayal of trust and the comments made after the phone call, not the issue of the leaked audios.

“My issue is not with those who leaked. My issue is that a phone call to me was put on speaker.” minister Nahula is heard saying shortly before the audio clip ends. Tourism minister Ali Waheed is still heard denying the accusations.