Middle eastern journalists in Maldives for tourism promotion

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) invited a team of journalists from Middle East that arrived in the country on February 24, 2020. (Photo/MMPRC)

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) as part of a campaign with Etihad Airlines has invited a team of journalists from the Middle East to increase awareness of Maldives as a travel destination.

The theme for this particular trip is “Luxury” where the team will experience the luxurious side of the Maldives.

As part of a series of media trips organized by MMPRC, the Middle East media group that arrived today will be the fourth international media group hosted this year.

The team consist of a representative from The Insider Middle East and four well known lifestyle bloggers of UAE. The group will get to converse their experiences to the audiences as in-depth articles with images through their respective publications and other social media platforms.

The group will be hosted by Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa, Westin Maldives and Grand Park Kodhipparu for the next five days and will indulge in different spa and yoga experiences available at these properties. Moroever, they will also experience the different luxurious activities that are unique to the properties.

MMPRC hope to increase the number of tourist arrivals from Middle East through such familiarization trips and other various marketing activities focused for the region. The tourist arrivals from Middle East to the Maldives were recorded as 60,003 in 2019, with a 15.1% increase compared to 2018. This year in January saw an increase of 73.7% in tourist arrivals compared to the same period last year.